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Charles Jenkins was lead commentator at from Feb 2012 to Feb 2018 and Europe Editor/Director Western Europe at the Economist Intelligence Unit from 1975 to 2012, responsible for regular reports and forecasts for individual EU countries and the EU as a whole.


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What the Pandemic could mean for the EU

EU Priorities |

Will it bring nations closer together or pull them apart? The Financial Times commentator, Martin Wolf, has wrote an article on March 24th entitled the Pandemic is an Ethical Challenge. There seems little doubt that it will change the world fundamentally affecting every other issue, rivalries and conflicts, the role of governments, the role of […]

A new Initiative to highlight the Erosion of the Rule of Law in the EU

EU Priorities |

At the beginning of September a petition[1]to the European Union under the European Citizens’ Initiative provision in the EU Treaty to call in the European Commission to act to monitor the rule of law in all member states. The petition is under the aegis of the EU treaty article allowing European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs), which […]

Spanish election result provides much needed boost for Socialists across EU

EU Priorities |

A good result for the Sanchez’s Socialists The Spanish election result provides a much needed fillip to Socialist/Social Democrat parties n the EU which have suffered severe setbacks in the last two years – for different reasons – in France, Italy, Germany and other countries.  The Socialists (PSOE) who had formed a minority government under […]

Is the Backstop the real reason for UK gridlock? What are the options?

EU Priorities |

The Brexit process seems to have got mired in something called the Backstop which few people, at least outside Ireland, understand but which is portrayed as way of keeping either the whole of the UK or just Northern Ireland more closely tied to the EU than they would have wanted. But is it the real […]

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